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The new multifunctional building where both fresh, smoked and frozen products are produced, that is produced at the end of November 2012 we have arranged so that everything meets the IFS standards. A IFS certification gives assurance about the control of the production process of food according to the strictest standards. With IFS Certificate compliance with laws and regulations, and product safety and product liability is insured. We believe it is important to know which products where are delivered. In addition, this certification gives our customers an extra assurance for their own process. At the moment we have the following certificates:

IFS International Food Standard

Mooijer – Volendam B.V. is IFS certified and meets the strict conditions that are defined in the world of food production. IFS certification is meant as a uniform control of food safety and the quality of the producers. The most important criteria of IFS are:
• management control of critical points
• commitment of management and employees
• traceability of products, raw materials and packaging materials
• implementation of corrective measures


MSC (MSC-C-51328)

When you see the MSC ecolabel, you can be sure that the seafood bearing the label comes from a certified sustainable fishery. It is the MSC standards that define the performance needed for fisheries to be certified as sustainable and for businesses to trade in certified seafood.


BAP Best Aquaculture Practices

BAP certification defines the main elements of responsible aquaculture and gives quantitative guidelines for its application. This is often used by the US wholesale and is available for shrimp, Pangasius and Tilapia cultivation.


GlobalGap is originally developed for agriculture (agricultural products) and is after the rapid development of aquaculture soon fled to fish farming. Where is started with salmon farming is also a GlobalGap certification for Pangasius and tilapia available. GlobalGAP is seen as the forerunner of the aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), which is now in development and still only for farmed Tilapia in the market is for sale.

ASC (ASC-C-00359)

ASC means Aquaculture Stewardship Council.The ASC's mission is to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility using efficient market mechanisms that create value across the chain. This quality mark applies to the panga which we sell.